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Engineer: a duelist by wcsv

Version 0.5.2

 Haven't updated this in a while. In this version I changed the weighting system for the neurons and I also switch the 
 NN to use a single row of neurons rather than a grid.  

Version 0.4.1

 Rolled Back to 0.3.6 + changes.
 This version marks a big change. I have now fully implemented the Kohonen network; I had originally cut a few  
 features out for execution speed reasons. now I believe that I have worked out most of the issues, it's a bit slower
 than previous versions but not too much. I still have to tune it, but the network should now provide much better  
 classifications of inputs.
 Rating: ?

Version 0.4.0

 I havn't updated this page in a while. All versions between 0.3.3 and 0.4.0 have been mostly tweaks to various weights
 and parameters in the Kohonen Network. In this release I am experimenting with several new dimensions in the  
 classification vectors for the network that drives the gun. I also tweaked the gun's network to allow more nodes to 
 be created, which should result in more specific classifications.
 Rating: 2031

Version 0.3.3

 I decided to switch my focus to the gun for a little while, as it is significantly weaker than the movement. 
 The gun in this version appears to be stronger than the previous version by a good bit, but the Rumble will tell for  
 Rating: ?

Version 0.3.2

 fixed a few really stupid bugs in the surfing code, including a division by zero that sometimes happened when 
 smoothing the data.
 Rating: 2030

Version 0.3.1

 fixed a null pointer exception that occurred during close fighting.
 Rating: 2029

Version 0.3.0

 Added dynamic decisions for distancing based on enemy hit rates. I've been avoiding this because it seems like a 
 double-edged sword; it may help me avoid an enemy's gun, but now my gun will have to deal with different distances as
 Rating: pulled

Version 0.2.9

 Rolled back to v. 0.2.5 and corrected a long-standing bug in the internal workings of the neural nets.
 Rating: 2030

Version 0.2.8

 I tried to increase the learning speed of the gun's network. Don't know how successful it will be in the Rumble 
 Rating: 2002 (yuck)

Version 0.2.6:

 Tweaked the wall proximity dimesion in both the gun and the surfing.
 Made some changes to the classification vectors for the gun.
 Rating: 2029

Version 0.2.5:

 I've been visiting Europe for the past three weeks and had no access to Robocode, so this version 
 has only some small tweaks to the classification vectors while i re-learn my code.
 Rating: 2031

Version 0.2.4:

 Changed the way that input vectors are blended with the node weighting vectors.
 Rating: 2027

Version 0.2.3:

 Changed the proximity formula to use normalized euclidean distance.
 Also this version is using a dynamically growing SOM, which is significantly faster.
 Rating: 2026

Version 0.2.2:

 Fixed a wave bug I introduced accidentally in 0.2.1.
 Rating: 2026

Version 0.2.1:

 Some tweaks to the surfing weighting vectors as well as some performance optimization. If nothing else this version
 is faster to execute. 
 Rating: 2022

Version 0.2:

 Now using SOM for surfing as well. It needs to be tuned more, right now the surfing network is using the same
 weighting vectors as the gun's network. 
 Rating: 2026

Version 0.1:

 Initial release. Using Self Organizing Map for targeting and PowerHouse's wavesurfing.
 Rating: 2030

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