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Krabby2RRGC is Krabby2īs gun with Raikos movement. The versionnumbers are equivalent to the numbers of Krabby2.

version rank rating changes
1.4 69 1766.85 first version...
1.5 74 1758.07 tried to improve the gun

This means your gunnery is already better than mine, so with the right movement(s) you can enter the top-50!! --GrubbmGait

Yes, and the gun has more potential! But the movement is the problem :( I accidental saved a crappy movement with the same name as my new movement... All code is gone >( This was the main reason for a RRGC version. And the lost movement wasnīt as good as i had expected... But the ideas are still in my mind :D --Krabb

I would bee pleased, if someone could test this Bot. I get 0:350 battles when he fights a roborumble battle, but no error message. When i start him manually everything works. --Krabb

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Last edited January 11, 2006 0:38 EST by Krabb (diff)