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A OneOnOne specialist, and a product of boredom (from spending eight eleven months in engineering).

Version 2.1 (2004 12 04):

Version 2.0 (2004 11 27):

Version 1.0:

--Rational Insanity

Nice bot for an early atempt. A sugestion i have is to make it move a random distance instead of a set one before switching directions. Moving a random distance will make it a lot harder for most targeting strategies to hit you. You can acomplish this by utilizing the Math.random() function, which will give you a random double between 0 and 1. --andrew

Thanks for the advice, Andrew. Unfortunately, I don't think this bot will ever be sufficiently competitive with its current gun, so I'm removing it from the Rumble. I'm now using its movement in OthoMicro, which should have a more competitive gun. -- Rational Insanity

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