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Pytko is a tweaked traditional patternmatcher, not the fastest card but a decent hitter, it uses Raiko's movement (which is how it stays so small). I plan to eventually add a kd-tree to track the nodes, so I don't have to lose the ability of a traditional to get the speed to preform improved searches.

Seems I made a problem bot for a number of bots (its Dookious' highest problembot as of this point). Strange as it may seem I was actually trying to aim for doing well against non-surfers. (when a 1700 ranked bot can almost beat a 2000+ bot, something is both being done very right and very wrong), but on the flips-ide it also loses to a large number of very weak robots, which is clobbering its score. I'm very sorry, but i'm proud to of created the current kings biggest problem (though he is more concerned with Shadow ;). --Chase-san

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Last edited January 17, 2008 9:29 EST by Chase-san (diff)