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I figured since we had a Roborumble gun challenge that we should also have a roborumble movement challenge

Now I noticed that the actual number score you got really tells people nothing, so I came up with two different methods of scoring, one is based on the rank and the other on the score.

For this challenge your robot will not fire, at all, not at all, not a single bullet, not even end game when the other is disabled (ramming at that point is totally legal though). I was partly inspired by the WaveSurfing/Experiments, where the surfer does not fire, perhaps later we can add a part where we use a default gun (like Raiko's), but considering how badass Raiko's gun is, I decided to forgo it entirely.

Both these ranking systems are to help keep the ranks a little more steady over time. So that when someone adds their score a year from now it will still matter some.

Round to the nearest thousanth.

I am not yet sure how to order them, as they have two different ranks.

Robot NameAuthorRank %Score %DateComment
Serenity 1.0 Japs 0.901 40.521 20070910 Old survival bot, Example

Also note, Moron if it didn't fire would get a -24.336% in the Score column because its the only bot that has a negative rank. --Chase-san

Comments, complaints, and why didn't you discuss this before you made it?

It came to me at the spur of the moment. --Chase-san

So "score" = "rating", right? (Moron doesnt have a "negative rank", I don't think.) I'm thinking that having something that is (your rating / top rating) is really thrown off by the fact that all RoboRumble ratings have 1600 arbitrarily added to them; 1600 / 2000 would be 80%, but it really was 0 / 400 before the RoboRumble simply added 1600 to both sides. It just means 1200 and 2000 are 60% and 100% instead of -100% and 100% (still scales linearly and all), but I think the latter is a lot closer to the "truth" for this percentage. A 1200 rating isn't really 60% of 2000 in any meaningful way, but it is -100% from average while 2000 is +100% from average.

Other than that, it's an interesting challenge. I think dropping in a decent gun would be a more objective test of one's movement, but not all challenges have to be a RoboRumble benchmark! Edit: I know 2000 isn't the top rank, but it is for my example. =)

-- Voidious

Right score, so you suggest subtracting 1600 from all of it?, so moron would have a 'score' of -2126, and be in the Negative2100Club. ;) --Chase-san

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