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See here: RobocodeGL/Version014

David. I moved the old RobocodeGL to it's own top page for a reason. Since the wiki only allows one level of sub pages that was the only way to move the whole RobocodeGL structure. Not that it is mega important I guess. Just wanted to let you know why I did it the way I did. -- PEZ

Ah, so having it as a top level item allows you to keep sub-pages like /Features? or whatever, I see. Still, I think those are all going to be moot once the new version comes out, so I'd rather not make another top-level page. In general I think there are too many top level pages, that's why I used David Alves/YALT instead of just YALT. If it's ok with you I'll make all references to this page point to RobocodeGL/Version014 and then this page can be deleted. --David Alves

There's no such thing as too many pages. Be they top level or not. =) -- PEZ

Should it be made a redirect? -- Alphax

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