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Axe, good call - Deep Purple kick ass... --Brainfade Yep! Wish i was so good robocoder as i am in choosing names :) -- Axe

Michael Moorcock's Stormbringer books are classics. I highly recommend them. -- jim

Canīt say that i know him or his books, ībout what they r? -- Axe Check 1? for a quick over view. I think that the song was actually based on the books. I also highly recommend "Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser" that is mentioned on that page too. They are very good books. -- jim Btw jim, this is the cannon that we were talking about... -- Axe

I will be watching to see what it does. I will be away for two weeks though :( Very disappointing as I almost have WaveSurfing working in my current bot under construction, DarkHallow. It is designed to topple the big dog from the top of the heap. Of course it if it does not work it is all so much talk :-( See you all in two weeks. -- jim Oh, come one, don't sound all bummed that you're going out of town (of course you probably won't read this until your back unless you do it at my apartment ;-) ) -- Kawigi We'll maybe see the greatest fight for the crown in Robocode history then. RaikoMX, Shadow, StormBringer, and CassiusClay. (The two former because they show that strength and the two latter becuase their authors have big mouths. =) -- PEZ

Indeed... My first dev. version can barely beat Walls... -- Axe

But about the crown-run, i wouldnīt include StormBringer yet, it is a long-term project (this page is only to exercite my mouth:), and neither discard SilverSurfer so soon... -- Axe

Hey..... I found an internet connection. It is only web and I have no Robocode capability but at least I can sort of keep abreast of whats going on. You better include the forthcoming DarkHallow in the competition for the top. I know I have nothing above 40 or so in the RoboRumble, but I have big plans. Remember, there are no Shadows in dark hallows and what exactly is a Raiko? =^> -- jim

Raiko is a giant killer... In japanese mitology (right Jam?). Waiting u here, jim... Itīs a long but funny climbing! -- Axe It's what you get if you remove MX from RaikoMX. =) -- PEZ

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