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I started this to list the kings of the past, or rather the reign and fall of kings of any of the Rumble divisions. Any bot that had the number one spot for any length of time for any rumble is allowed, as long as they have the required number of battles.

Here is my prototype for the table, I don't know any of the exact dates beyond Voidious' amazing version history. Just enter the first time it entered the number one spot for the start date, and the last time it has been there. Mutliple versions of the same bot are allowed, but use the most current reign time if you know it.

Bot NameAuthorRumble Reign StartedReign Ended
Komarious 1.59 Voidious Minibot 1v1 9/27/2006 Still King
Dookious 1.352 Voidious General 1v1 ??/??/2006 Still King


Komarious gained the number one spot last as of version 1.59, so I just lsited it from that version. --Chase-san

See: History/KingsOfRR --Nfwu

Yes, but thats only the General 1v1, it doesn't include melee, teams, the minibot, microbot, or nanobot versions of those either. --Chase-san

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