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I first saw Robocode when it was quite new (just a few months after it turned up in the IBM DeveloperWorks? site) but never tried to make a fighting bot.

I'm mainly interested in bot movement code for a complex environment, with obstacles, mazes, etc. Robocode isn't a particularly good platform for that, but OTOH it's a very nice bot coding environment, so I've decided to construct my obstacles using passive bots and make an active bot (to be named Tourist :-) which maps and navigates around them.

I may never try for a combat bot, but if Robocode NG gets off the ground, and has some complex battlefields, I might put a gun on Tourist and see how it works out. If nothing else, it will be good at hiding behind obstacles :-)

I'm the proud owner of a copy of Omega - the original bot fighting game product, from 1990 or thereabouts. Based on my experience with Omega I have a lot of ideas for what [RobocodeNG] could become. If anyone cares I can explain how Omega was designed, and what was good about it. BTW - the bad things about Omega are all solved by Robocode - it had a terrible coding language and editor, allowed no more than 100 variables, no arrays/collections etc etc. The bot features and the environment were really nice, but unfortunately it was impossible to code an interesting bot.

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