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RoboRumble@home features two kinds of rankings.
  1. The traditional ranking system uses a modified ELO rating to rate the bots, and then builds the ranking based on these ratings. It is based primarily in the score difference between opponents, so the greater score differences a bot gets, the higher it goes in the rankings. For a more detailed description of the system (but the final one is not exactly the described there) take a look into http://www.aqre94.dsl.pipex.com/robocode/rating.shtml
  2. The /PremierLeague works just like a soccer league: A bot gets 2 points for each win, 1 point for each tie (it ties when percentage is exactly 50%). It is a "winner takes all" ranking, because once a bot wins, it doesn't matter the advantage it got on the enemy.

Current on-line rankings

Archived rankings


You can post your comments about rankings and bots into /RankingChat.

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