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Revision 42 . . (edit) July 22, 2006 3:36 EST by Krabb
Revision 40 . . February 18, 2006 18:20 EST by CelticSwarm

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I was just thinking about good melee strategies, when i remembered CelticSwarm's idea of sending virtual waves from different spots, not only from your own bot position (If i undestand his idea right -.-). It would not be a good idea to do this in 1on1, because the enemy movement reacts on your position. But it could work in melee, the enemy bots react on your own position and on all the other enemies. So why not shooting virtual waves from all remaining enemy positions? The learning rate of this gun would be much higher then a normal one, i think more then three times! A problem is that you have not that much information about all the enemy bots, but Im sure it is a improvement.

EDIT: It may not work against every bot, because some bots react on the enemy guns, but i think many meele movements just react on distance, energy and orientation. --Krabb

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