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Revision 4 . . June 8, 2006 4:16 EST by Voidious [response / comment (edit conflict)]

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I'll try to get a better discription of what I'm doing up soon. Just thought I'd get a rough version of the concept up for comentary.
Some details:
For each enemy bot I am creating a 'StatPack?' (not sure that stat is the best word, but it'll do for now). In it is a double array of linked lists (this could easily enough be a triple array). The lists themselves contain actual observed displacements. The array holds [velocities 0-8][timesteps 0-99, or whatever you like...could vary for field size].

For the purpose of data collection, each observed enemy location is stored along with a timestamp. When it's been there for more timesteps than we're storing, the positon is removed.

The number of displacement vectors per list is limited to avoid too much lag, and to facilitate adaptation to a change in movement (SpinBot hitting a wall, for example, generates a different set of displacement vectors, and needs to be 'recognized'. Since there is not going to be an observation every timestep, when requesting a dispacement for a given time (either sequentially or predicted... i'm doing the former but the latter would be much more efficient), if no observed data is present for the given velocity and time, other data can be interpolated to approximate the vector.

I should also mention that it currently uses the mode average exclusivly when finding magnitude and direction. This may not be best. Other options will be tried in the future. -- Franzor

Removed: 12d18
-Quick update; it is doing very well against SpinBot.

Added: 18a25,26

I've added some details to the page to start clearing things up -- Franzor

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