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This page contains all conversations from the page RoboRumble/Chat's creation till the edit on the 6th of January, 2007.

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competition, where being agressive does pay off. -- GrubbmGait
competition, where being agressive does pay off. -- GrubbmGait

I think the score distribution in melee is just right (just like in 1on1, it's what makes this a great game). The winning bot is the one with the best score

in both survival and damage inflicted, you can never optimise one of them without the other. Survival gives you extra time to inflict damage, bullet damage

gives you energy to survive. SittingDuck is the lowest ranked bot in the rumble. -- ABC

How do you find out the number of battles fought by someone (myself, for example)? --Starrynte

I don't think there's a publicly accessible way to do that... But all the data files are stored on the server somewhere, so it is probably possible to do so

if somebody wrote the code for it. -- Voidious

PEZ had a script for it, see RR Uploaders Competition. It started after the server crash (end 2004) when all results were lost. Not active anymore

for a long time though. -- GrubbmGait

Recent Discussions: RoboRumble/Chat

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