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Actually, I have been thinking of trying something like this myself though I haven't gotten around to trying to implement it yet. As far as the issue of needing to assume every bullet is heading to every team bot, I think that would indeed to be an overwhelming number to intercept when the teams are significantly sized (5v5 like standard RoboRumble teams), but it may work somewhat in smaller teams (like 2v2). In 2v2, by using 0.1 power bullets, you could fire pretty fast, but looking at the gunheat calculations it would still be 11 ticks between each time you can fire, when people firing 3.0 power bullets have 16 ticks between each fire, which means that even in a 2v2 setting in which this type of shielding would be most manageable, you still couldn't fire fast enough to be certain you've blocked everything. I think it might be a useful auxiliary strategy however when a team has two members left and the other team only has one left. -- Rednaxela

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