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Hah, yep. --Chase-san
Hah, yep. --Chase-san

Here are my thoughts on making a nano surfer:
* Keeping track of multiple waves probably takes up too much space. So instead the nano could stay at a distance of about 150 from the other bot so there is only one wave in the air at once.
* I think bins are the way to go instead of a list of hits; its very easy to say if(hits[forward] > hits[backward]), and I'm not sure how you'd do it the other way.
* There is a really simple solution that gets rid of a need for keeping track of bearing offsets or and any sort of prediction. You could just keep track which average velocities you've been hit the least at, and then try to stay at those velocities.
* Of course, this now is so unlike wave surfing it hardly deserves to be called such. It's more of a simple type of adaptive random movement that doesn't use Math.random().

I've written a "surfing" nano with a very simple random gun. It's fairly strong, but not near the level of top nanos like Splinter. But if anyone is interested, the code is here. I also have a micro one (again quite a bit weaker than Thorn), that I might release into the rumble later. -- Kev

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