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In keeping with the MC2K7, I thought it would be useful to have an APMC where both bots fire and move. However, Raiko's gun is much stronger against Waylander's movement than Waylander's own gun, and I feel that this masks the actual results. So, you are now given a PatternMatching gun, and you have to make your movement harder to hit for Waylander than true RandomMovement.

Put /WaylanderGun in your bot, and run 20+ seasons of 35 rounds against Waylander 0.3.2. Score is calculated as your percent of total score, ie. challenger_score/(challenger_score + waylander_score)*100.

The only other restriction is that you can't use Waylander's gun in your movement, LifelongObsession style.

Waylander 0.3.2 is here: [1]


-- Skilgannon

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Last edited October 14, 2007 19:15 EST by Skilgannon (diff)