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My new movement scheme will first be featured in this robot.

It will use Locke's gun and my new WaveSurfing/PathFinding movement algorithm.


I was wondering when you would get around to a bot named Bean. Maybe some day you can combine all the the Battle School grads into a team. -- jim

Ah, a connaiseur :-) You'll be pleased to know that I am also planning a Demosthenes, an Ansible and finally the new and improved Ender. A team you say.... it needs a name ...... any ideas? --Vic

Dragon Army sounds about right. -- jim

heh :-) You really are a connaiseur, jim.

I have read all of Orson Scott Card's Books. I really like Enders Shadow and the rest of the Bean and Petra Line. I may have to write a bot called Achilles to be the nemisis of your Bean now. :) -- jim

LOL, yeah! Achilles doesn't have to be very good to beat Bean at this point though :-) There's WaveSuffering going on here. --Vic

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