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Bots starting with a symbol:

How could it start with a symbol (besides _)? It has to be a valid java class name, right? -- Kawigi

You answered your own question, I guess. You could have a bot starting with a _. I didn't really think about it, i just decided to cover all the bases. Can java class names start with numbers? I think not, but i'm not sure. If they can, then they would come under symbols. -- Tango (PS Thanks for finishing them! :-))

No problem. Class names can't start with numbers, but I wouldn't be surprised if packages can. And wiki pages definitely can. Maybe I'll make a bot like kawigi._._SymbolStart? or something. -- Kawigi

All identifiers in Java must start with "_", "$", or an alpha character, including package names. So there you go. :) -- nano

So there are 2 symbols to choose from when making a bot for the sole purpose of using this page! ;-) -- Tango

I should test first, but I think "$" might be reserved for inner classes and such. Of course, if you make your bot as a public inner class it might work. =) -- PEZ

Then you can have a "hilarious" name such as $$$ChaChing? v.Moolah ;) -- Kuuran

If you ever want to know about Java syntax, have I got a [link] for you. -- nano

What if we were to turn this section into a TeamBot? specific page, for bots that specifically implement the Team functions? -- Jabe2022

I'm not sure I quite understand you. But this page is not really important as it is so please go ahead hijack it. -- PEZ

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