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Bots that don't run in all environments where Robocode itself runs. Like FunkyFemto and FemtoAsh and a hoard of NanoBots which do not run under Java 1.3.1.

Could you make a complete list? Do any of my bots not work in 1.3.1? --David Alves

Sorry, too many bots in that list. All your bots have always worked on 1.3.1. The most common reason that it breaks is when a bot uses indexOf() on a StringBuffer? instance. This is something that almost only SymbolicPatternMatching bots do. It costs three bytes to fix it. Squeeze a call toString() in between the StringBuffer? object and the call to indexOf(). -- PEZ

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Last edited September 15, 2003 16:20 EST by PEZ (diff)