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OK, the previous discussion in yahoogroups under the heading "Managing Classroom Rumbles" got me to this page. So now, how do I use CVS to manage a classroom rumble? Again, there are 10 student workstations and one instructor station with an LCD projector. -- Edwin

Welcome! Are you running Windows or Linux on those computers? -- PEZ

You can check anything in to a CVS repository, including binaries so I think the students can check in their robot jar files. Including source which will make the CVS repository help a little with version control as well. The setup would be something along these lines:

  1. A CVS server (possibly on the same machine as the current file server, or else on the instructor machine).
    1. Make a "cvs import" of the robots directory on the instructors machine.
  2. For each robot that's to be included in a rumble. From the students machines
    1. "cvs add robot_name.jar"
    2. "cvs commit -m 'my killer bot, now on steroids' robot_name.jar"
    3. Repeat the commit every time the jar is rebuilt
  3. When it's rumble time. From the instructor machine in the robots directory
    1. "cvs update"
    2. Start RoboLeague or, if it's already running, rechose the robot file repository from the menu.
I don't recall exactly the commands to set up the CVS repository and do the import. And I'm not sure how to do it on Windows, since I'm a Unix dude. But maybe someone else can make the above list more complete and help answering whatever questions Edwin might have? -- PEZ

This might be a good start. Readable and using NT, also links to where you can download CVS for NT: http://www.flipcode.com/articles/article_cvsintro.shtml -- PEZ

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