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In my book this could very well be the most important article on this wiki. I love the new format which makes it much more useable. However, the page is incomplete. And I also thing we should make sure the really good snippet pages are listed first and then we could have old/oudated/messy stuff like the Marshmallow snippets way down or maybe not listed at all. -- PEZ]

Well first off, I have been thinking about redoing the snippet system altogether. There are several pages that I have not included which have code snippets in with a ton of other information, most often on bot pages. In some instances the information is very relevant and interesting, but in alot of others there is a ton of miscelaneous information that does not apply to the code, and the code is hidden within the depths. So I have been thinking about two ways to deal with this. First is that we could create subpages of CodeSnippets that will hold the code and relevant discussion, and possibly grouping variations on a theme together (multiple implemenations of SymbolicPatternMatching for instance). The other, and this is something that I would like to do anyway, is to have every wiki page that this is applicable include full code examples of the topic as well as a tutorial/guide to the code. The GuessFactorTargeting/Tutorial is a great example, as well as some of the breakdowns in the MeleeStrategy. If as many developers as possible could submit snippets, tutorials, and breakdowns of their bots it would probably give a greater idea of a topic, and be able to see what works and what doesnt. I actually have been planning on going through all of the open source bots on this page and breaking down the code into the movement, targeting, radar, and other sections, and then categorizing those systems. I completely agree with you about how important this page is, but I think that it could be even more useful if there was a plethora of code accompanying all of the articles, allowing people to first read the theory behind it and then go right to some examples, where they can see how things really work. If most of the code snippets could be placed next to their applicable articles I feel that they would become much more useful -- Jokester

That's a huge amount of work though dude. Take it in small steps. Something like:

  1. Make sure the page indexes all pages containing some minimum amount of code
  2. Copy all this to a sub page like [CodeSnippets/All pages]?
  3. Tidy up the CodeSnippets page to reference pages meeting some sort of QA standards (can be pretty slack I guess)
  4. Try figure out what pages are worth working with to make them really useful
  5. Work with those
What'ya think? Of course we should have a Code Snippets section in most concept articles too where we can link to relevant code snippet pages.

I'm not sure we need to structure the code-snippets pages like that they have to introduce the concept first and stuff. Sometimes it might work just linking to the relevant concept article(s).

-- PEZ

Well I wasnt saying that the code snippets should include the concepts, it was the other way around. Basically we can do away with most of the seperate code snippet pages and just have the code in the concept page (preferably in a setup like Concept/Tutorial? and Concept/Code? kind of thing). That way someone can read about a concept and get straight to all the available code, without having to search all over the wiki for the bits and pieces (whether they be in bot pages, topic pages, or what have you). There are some concept pages with no code in them at all and the applicable code being in a ton of bot pages, and some concept pages which are just code and the concept isnt actually mentioned.

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