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A lot of this wiki is in the form of discussions. That is great when we are gathering information, but less great once we have it. What do people think about going round putting all the discussion into a single piece of prose for each page? (Once discussion has stopped) Should we store discussion on /Discussion? pages, or is the point of the discussion gone once its info has been compiled? What do we do with ongoing discussions, should we compile everything, and then let people add new comments to the bottom, which in turn get compiled in short order or should set a cut-off time, for when something should be compiled or should it just be a judgement call? What should we do about credit, should we ignore credit in the true spirit of a wiki, should we list authors, should we just credit people for original ideas, and not care about who wrote the actual page? Opinions welcome. -- Tango

It's great to compile discussions to a more comprehensible knowledge format. However, I think we always should keep the discussions. Using a subpage for this works well. When it comes to giving credit we probably should do what we have so far done on the wiki. Use our common sense. That means give credit when it feels like credit should be given. And when it is asked for. Cross links are great for giving credit by the way. -- PEZ

Off topic: Thanks for starting this restructure Tango. And I had no idea about the #REDIRECT command! Do you know of more such features of the wiki script? -- PEZ

No, i don't think i know anything else complicated. The UseMod? pages should have everything you could possibly want to know. I agree that keeping things is a good idea. Common sense is good, as long as we agree on what's sensible. I guess if there is a disagreement we give credit, that way no one gets upset. -- Tango

What do people think of my changes to the Movement page? Is that the kind of style the rest of the pages should be in, or does someone want to come up with something else? (Whatever people decide, we should try to be consistant) -- Tango

I like the new Movement page structure. I don't think we will have to think too much about consistency though. Better let each topic find its best form the wiki way. What we can do is provide a few Templates? that could be used to give pages a consistent start or restructure. This technique has worked very well for Bots pages. -- PEZ

I agree. Templates are a good way to go. I think all the major pages (Movement, Targeting, DataSaving?, etc.) should be done in the same way, linking to each of the pages on their subject, with short summaries. The other pages should link back in a consistant way, but the rest of the page can be done in whatever way works best. -- Tango

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