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Sometimes the only way to get to know for sure if your idea is worth anything against real competition. =)

Also I have found that when developing my robot with many trial-and-horror cycles I tend to put in more tuning parameters into the code, and that leads to opportunities to alter the robot's behaviour in run time. Possibly on a by-enemy basis. -- PEZ

Wow, dude, that must be the lamest joke anywhere on this wiki!!! =) Sure made me laugh, though. Anyway, I've been doing a lot of this lately. -- Voidious

Did I make that joke? Hmmm, I guess I did. Anyway, empirics is very important for my robot development. Quite often theory doesn't match with reality. -- PEZ

Yeah, and sometimes even hundreds of rounds just isn't enough to draw a solid conclusion! I am taking things very slowly on developing my segmentation these days... -- Voidious

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