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Not sure if this is the right word. I remember it from my Chemistry classes aeons ago.

Anyway, it is the amount of unpredictability of an opponents movement behaviour. I am trying to think of a way to determine this Entropy in a segment, over multiple segments or even the complete array of segments. The latter may give an indication of how good a bots movement is.


In decision tree learning, there is actually a mathematical definition for entropy that can be used to rate potential "next segmentations" based on how much more information you can gain (i.e. - lowering the entropy for the most samples is high information gain). -- Kawigi

Hi Kawigi, nice to hear from you again! Can you point me in the right direction on this mathematical definition? You wouldn't by pure chance have this formula adapted to rate a GF segment, would you? :-). Mind you, I'm not a math wizard... --Vic

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