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Please elaborate. :-) -- David Alves

It's RandomMovement constrained inside an EscapeArea. When I designed it I was trying to figure out a movement that would trick SandboxDT. I haven't got it there yet though... -- PEZ

So you're just randomly picking a point inside the EscapeArea? -- David Alves

That's what I did at first and why I ever bothered with drawing that EscapeArea... But it wasn't good since the EscapeArea is shaped like an hour glass at a right angle from the gunning robot with its waist where the target robot is. That makes a random point inside the area very often end up at the far ends of the EscapeArea which makes for a predictable movement. Now I instead pick a random angle between maxAngle and minAngle. If I had done it today I would probably have used a Line2D instead of an Area. You can imagine that I realy wanted to get RobocodeGLV014 to work on my machine while I experimiented with this EscapeArea business, can't you? =) -- PEZ

A good thing with this movement is that since the EscapeArea is cropped by the battle field I get WallAvoidance as a bi product. -- PEZ

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