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Face2face implements a 1 to 1 Robocode competition based on direct elimination: Robots are first grouped in a random way, they fight, and the winners go to the second round, to fight other winners, and so on ... the last survivor wins the competition.

Face2face is the only Robocode competition that includes (almost) all bots uploaded into the RobocodeRepository. Competition is updated automatically with the new additions.

There are 3 competitions, based on bot categories: MicroBots, MiniBots and General. Competitions are held every 2 weeks and a global ranking is created based on the results of all competitions. In addition, special competitions will be held occasionally (eg. PointBlankCompetition).

It does not pretend to create stable rankings, but to allow for real competition and a lot of fun.

Perhaps a link to it would be useful? http://www.geocities.com/albert_pv :-) --David Alves

Since some time ago, it also implements a Teams league.

Starting May 2003, I'll concentrate on the Teams league, which is the only one currently running, and I'll stop running the 1v1 competition, since I don't have enough time and there are some other good 1v1 leagues.

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