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I'm a high school student who has taught myself both Java and C++, and programs for fun.

I don't have any really good robots, but I'm working on a couple of ideas that I think could turn out nicely if I tweak them enough... If any of my bots start doing decently, I'll post them.

I've made a nice class, /AGravEngine, which encapsulates the AntiGravityMovement algorithm. It's quite customizable, and includes support for things like custom power drops (i.e. Force = Pt_Strength / Dist^(Dropoff-exponent)), with seperate exponents for points and walls, a custom wall force, and custom point classes to allow things like variable strenth/position points. I also have the /AGravEngineGL subclass, with identical functionality, but which draws points to the screen with RobocodeGLV014.

I want to contact you :-) I want to use your AntiGrav? classes in my bachelor work. Do you permit it to me? And if yes, can I owervrite your code with code that is using generic collections? I am LuVar -> varga.lubomir [at) orangemail {dot} sk

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