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Do you think we could get a list of what was the best bot at different times (with download links where possible)? It would be interesting for those not yet able to battle for the top spots to know how far behind in terms of time they are (eg. If i knew Recrimpo could beat the best bot from 9 months ago, i would know i was only 9 months behind (i expect it to be more than that though...)). -- Tango

well, 9 months ago would be DT 1.61. I have nanos past Wolverine's day, though :-p -- Kawigi

In that case i was right, i'm much more than 9 months behind, the latest version of Recrimpo gets 30% against DT 1.61. :-( -- Tango

Cigaret 1.23 (give or take a few minor versions) took 1st for a day or two about 5 months ago... -- Kawigi

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