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The Irish National Robocode Competition

This competition is mentioned elsewhere on the wiki. But now there's a reason to dedicate at least one page for it. I don't know the details of this competition. Read about it on its own site: http://www.robocode.ie/

One of the organizers of the competition, Philip Bourke, has asked me to see if there is/are someone(s) in the wiki community who are willing to produce a "pit tank" for the comming 2005 competion. This should be a Melee capable bot that the students can pit their tanks against. I didn't fully understand if this pit tank would be allowed to extend AdvancedRobot. But anyone feelingup for the task contact Phil directly: tippinst.ie (pbourke@). -- PEZ

That sounds like fun, and of course someone from the wiki here should help them out with this! Did anyone contact them yet? If so add a page on the wiki for the bot when development has started! If noone has replied yet I might consider this. I'm also interested in knowing how much time and resources a competition like that requires, and how difficult it would be to get sponsors. Sweden should have one! After all we have 3 out of 4 top spots in the 1vs1 (general, mini, nano) and the fourth (micro) is a 2nd position. Well at least before the crash. :-) --Pulsar

I wrote him and offered to write a bot, haven't heard back. --David Alves

I believe this tournament doesn't allow AdvancedRobots. They also have an interesting rule that all source must be in a single file (although it can be multiple classes still). Maybe I'll enter and mock them by having a massive TheArtOfWar amount of code in that one file. And, as it's an ExtendsRobot competition, I'd win it at this point ;-) Unfortunately, I'm not sure that it's available to everyone. -- Kawigi

Rules: 1. Entrants to the Robocode national final 2004 can be

a. Individual entry


b. Team entry ( of no more than 3 students ).

from 1st year Full Time Undergraduate 3rd level courses. 2. One entry per educational institution will be allowed. Colleges and Universities must officially register their entry into the competition as set out in the competition schedule

... more at: http://www.robocode.ie/rules.htm But pit tanks could possibly be allowed to be AdvancedRobots?, who knows. -- Pulsar

No, it's not available to everyone. But they have asked for a "pit tank" which would not be taking part in the competition. More like a one of those "hares" they use in long distance running sometimes. Please help them with it if you can. And they are considering an AdvancedRobot division too. -- PEZ

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