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Developer for [RobocodeNG].

My public bots: none

They all lose terribly against any robot of the community :-( But i'm developing a new one which uses analysis of variance to wack every bot out there :-D



Q> Why are you working on this project?

A> I don't know, it makes me feel good :-D Besides, i liked a lot a game called "Carnage Heart" for the PS1 and never knew a game that had the same degree of fun!! I discovered robocode one day with 4 friends of mine when we were searching in happy penguin something fun to kill the time... What a coincidence!!!

Q> When feature X will be implemented in Robocode NG?

A> When it's done :-D

Q> What do you do for a living? or Why do you have so much free time to work on [RobocodeNG]?

A> I'm a Herbalife Independent Distributor (#29072274), everyone is welcomed to join me into this nice work!! (ask me how ;-D it can be done in 60 countries right now [august 2005] and everyone can do it) its great and relaxed, you do a good job for people, you get to travel a lot to different parts of the world and your own country, you don't have to fight your friends for a job, instead you can give them a great job, you don't have a boss (altough you can ask someone to boss you around to get your lazy *ss moving, like i did), you don't have to work 8hrs a day and it is a work that gives lots of monies to you, just focusing on the activity!!! :-)

Q> How many experience do you Have?

A> I code since i were 7 years old. The first programming i did was in an interpreted pseudo-language called GRASP. Since then i've touched lots of different programming tools: Basic, FoxPRO?, DBase, C/C++, Java, OO Pascal (Delphi), Python, Lua, Prolog, Caml, Claire (for Syntactic analyzers), Visual Basic, Javascript, shell programming (.bat, .sh, perl), Game maker (this was very cool and easy to use, altough too basic), SQL, IDL, PL/SQL, my own languages, assembler (mainly for graphics or microcontrollers), Verilog (for FPGAs), VHDL (for FPGAs), some visual programming in obscure environments and finally the microwave programming for pop-corn :-D.

Q> 7 YEARS OLD!!!???

A> Yep, i didn't have infancy :-(.... not really, it was very cool to be able to program your own games when being a kid and share them with your brothers.

Q> How old are you?

A> I'm 23 years old. This world welcomed my being the 20th august of 1982, at 6:30 AFAIK.

Q> I want to marry you because you do a great job on Robocode NG!!!

A> Too late, i will marry my girlfriend the next year :-) being a couple rocks!!! you help each other in the process of discovering your own selves and get to know each other too well.

Q> What do you look like!!?

A> Dunno!! i don't look myself on the mirror nor take photos of me :-D... joking, i will post a picture of me soon on the "what we look like" page.

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