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  I've always had an interest in programming (ever since I got  that Commodore64 when I was 8) I've never persued it till RoboCode.  So it's been a hard learning curve, but RoboCode is equally addictive :)  

I just released my first advanced-bot : JavaDisturbance? V0.59 .. which has been a work in progress, mostly a test-bed for me to learn. but I am inspired by it ranking after 600 battles. :)

I made an Anti gravity movement scheme for it; I played around and learned from basicSurfer tutorialBot, which I used as a start point to make my guessFactor Gun. I have since found the GFTargeting bot (tutorial) which has code is 100 times more effient than mine.. :) but I opted to keep the code I worked hard for :) though I did improve the manner I segment. In keeping with that spirit I have removed the basicSurfer Code it had and used when it fought 1vrs1. I hope to add my own 1 on 1 code in the future.. likely an implement of waveSurfing of some sort..

I have not figured out how to properly declare/store data on multiple enemies for Melee, making use of The global Static Variables to hold the data for me between rounds... I'll paste the base of my code structure here, in hopes One of you can help me prevent it from writing to disk between rounds... After that fix, I think I ready to start a fresh bot :)

I am oblivious to proper coding practices and what not . Please help.. The internal class: wholeTank which I store in tankList (an ArrayList). I want the wholeTank class to retain its data between rounds.. heres the pertaining code :

// bla bla.. 

 edit " I got tire of seeing that crappy code there :P"

I'm pretty sure the reason your tankList variable isn't working is because of the way your "tankList = new ArrayList();" section is at the start of the run() method. Note that the run() method runs once per round, meaning that even though tankList is static, it's being overwritten by a new list every round. To fix it I'd suggest putting that code to create the list inside and if block like "if (tankList == null)" so you'll only run it once out of all the rounds. -- Rednaxela

wow, cool, never expected that.. will try asap in the morning !! :)

Welcome to the wiki! =) Please do feel free to ask questions, it's a pretty helpful community. Good luck to you and your bots. (Oh, and you should make a page for your bot!) -- Voidious

Thx Voidoius for the welcome :)-Justin

YES Rednaxela !! that was the case!!! Thx for the help :) I probally would never of thought of it.. -Justin

No problem! And like I forgot to say before, welcome to the wiki! :) -- Rednaxela

Hey guys ! I'm back at it again :) I recently threw Justin.MallaisV8? in to the mix.. :) Inspired by my new gun I have since completely rewritten it. Ridding it completely of my old bad code :) I am happy with my progress, but once again I'm hoping someOne can help me out with a semantic Error I can't figure out. :

Found 1 semantic error compiling "C:/robocode/robots/justin/Mallais.java":

    18. public class Mallais extends AdvancedRobot {
*** Semantic Error: The class file "BulletHitEvent.class" in "libs\robocode.jar\robocode" has an invalid format (duplicate local variable type table).
Compile Failed (1)

   I'll post code if needed..
Thx - Justin

I haven't seen a semantic error in Robocode, but if you code maybe post all the lines you have before the class declaration, say which compiler you are using and how are you compiling it (which IDE or command line) I'll try to help more. I don't know how long the whole code is, so maybe posting it all is too much, but if you can upload it somewhere it may also be helpful. --Zyx

 I just jumped out of bed as I realise the problem :) Got it up and running..   I was trying to create the same instance twice during start up.. It would compile intermetently which threw me off .  Thanks Zyx :)   -justin

When tired is hard to find them ;-), glad to know is fixed. --Zyx

How can you fixed the problem? I think it's Jikes problem. (it has been mentioned many many time in robocode sourceforge.net forum, and all the answer is "Go and use javac instead of Jikes") --Nat

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