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In real life, I am 20 years old, just finished school and I am currently doing my Zivildienst now, with the wikipedia-link for those of you not from Germany that want to know what this is. After having finished this, I'm going to study Mathematics, that's what I want to do since I have been 16. I'm not new to Robocode, since I know this "game" for a long time now. But i actually never created a (good) robot. I tend to switch my interests very often and fast. But I remembered Robocode and immediately wanted to work with it again!

So I finally dared to write something on this Wiki (thanks Voidious for encouraging me), though without having written any code by now ;) I hope I can soon come up with an own robot, although it's not going to beat anything better than MyFirstRobot I think .. Let's see! -- Kenran

Welcome! Beeting MyFirstRobot consistently is already quite an achievement. In my opinion it is one of the hardest sample bots to beet. -- MarijnK

Welcome from here too! I never bothered beating MyFirstRobot, mainly because in the beginning it seemed almost impossible ;-) Starting with a simple bot helps you understand the 'physics' of robocode, but regarding your age and your math-interest, you will master that soon enough. Success ! -- GrubbmGait

Hallo Kenran :) Nice to see more active german Robocoders! Just ask me if you need any (german) help. --Krabb

Hi again! Due to the Wiki I think I already know some about the basics of Robocode. I'm gonna start working on a gun right now, but I don't have much experience at coding in Java itself, so it will take a while, and probably I'm going to plug a movement from one of the open source bots in it just to have a base on which I can do some tests. But don't expect much, just some "first steps"! -- Kenran

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