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Locke, but the MusashiTrick is stripped away from the Raiko movement it uses.

This version is used in the RRGunChallenge.


Risking annoying you... But are you considering using this one instead of Locke? I think it somewhat falls under the rule of same bot different versions. Besides, this one probably better tests your gun, which is what locke is about so far. Let Locke rise again when you have a movement of your own for it. Just a suggestion. I well know I'm not in charge in these matters. =) -- PEZ

No problem. I was in fact going to use the RRGC version for development testing following your suggestion on removing the MusashiTrick for more a stable rating. Unfortunately I will not be a sparring partner for jim if I remove the best version of Locke. So you might be annoying jim here ;-) --Vic

I think Jim will be anoying himself if he gets stuck competing in the low 1900 lane for much longer. =) -- PEZ

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Last edited June 18, 2004 15:17 EST by PEZ (diff)