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  1. Immortal
  2. FloodHT - Figured out that it would still do better than SpareParts in this league, so I'm changing my entry
  3. Suez
  4. Yager

If you want to add your bot to this league, please add the bot name to the end of this list.

Tango, As this is your league/idea, Suez can take Jekyl's place in line if you wish. It's up to you. -- jim

I think we should have just take the Sample bots out once we could fill the league. -- Kawigi

Thanks for the offer, but i'll wait my turn. Once a sample bot gets removed for being bottom i am getting rid of it completely. Crazy is actually doing quite well, so it may as well stay there. Hopefully it won't be long before we have enough bots better than it so it gets chucked out. I'll probably run the next season at some point today, maybe even the next 2 if i get the time. Chances are a real bot will be removed this time, so i have to work out exactly what i'm doing about bots going to the bottom of the waiting list. I'm thinking about some kind of counter of how many times in a row it has been removed, and if that is more than a certain number new bots, or bots that have only been removed once, get above it in the list. -- Tango

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