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I am a Portuguese robocoder, not a very good one.. :D

Basically, I adore robocode, but I have a hard time having time for coding.

I'm 23 years old, I study Computer and Software Engeneering in IST, and I'm also a sysadm at my university.

I'm also a big UNIX fan and operating systems geek.. :)

Hi all!

my bots are: m3thos.Eva00 - smallest m3thos.micro.Eva01 - small m3thos.Eva02 - bigger..

well.. they all suck! but hey... I believe that with little efford and a GOOD target selection.. it makes all the diference in a bots quality. My bots are targeted for melee fights.

I believe we have you to thank for the minibots, microbots, and nanobots of today. Way back when I remember you mentioning how you liked having few lines of code in your bot. This got tobe thinking, and soon the minibot challenge was formed. And now today we have a minibot over 2000. To think it used to be difficult to have pattern matching in a mini... (Whoops, I'm too young to be feeling nostalgic. :-p) Anyway, thanks. -- Alcatraz

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