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StatistRobot/SmogPainter? graphs of Mako movement

Red curve is the actual profile and the blue curve is the most recent profile.

Distance 251 - 490

Distance 491 - 810

As you can see the curve is tilted to the right on the closer range and to the left on the farther range. This is probably due to that Mako doesn't adjust it's movement according to distance. I will look into this more and see if I can soon post profiles that don't show this tilting. And if someone has any advice on removing the slight peek in the middle of the curve, please let me know. -- PEZ

See also /Movement.

Comments? Questions?

What exactly do all of these squiggely red and blue lines mean? Is this a good curve or a bad curve? I too have started playing with Statists graphing utility (thanks iiley =^>) and am trying to figure out exactly what it's telling me. -- Sparafucil3

The lines shows how often the observed bot has "visited" each sector from StatistRobots' point of view. Positive values means your bot has continued in the direction it had when StatistRobot fired the bullet. Negative values means the bot changed direction. Those are rather good curves apart from the slight "tilt" to the left and right I mentioned above. The red curve shows the distribution over the full observation (it gets smoother the more rounds you have run in the last match). The blue curve shows the most recent distribution (maybe some 50 rounds or so). Some bots (Marshmallow for one) use the full history (red curve) and weight in the most recent history (blue curve) when making decisions on where to shoot on an enemy. -- PEZ

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