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I'll put some more up here in a bit, but basically I had a brief affair with robocode just before christmas last year (2004), during which my first bot, Elysian, hacked together in about 20 minutes ended up achieving 2nd in both our universities 1on1 and melee tournaments. Currently I'm working on a bout called 'Enigma', mostly for research into possible new techniques, which is based of Nicator's old Snippet Bot. By way of fluke, Im actually studying the same course at the same university as Nicator has just finished studying, so hopefully I can make some stuff to rival his, then progress from there.

Welcome to the Wiki! Looking forward to seeing this bot. -- Alcatraz

I suspect a lot of people from the Wiki have come from the Soton university CS course. Myself included! Im sure your having a great time there, I know I did! I knew Nicator, he was a couple of years below me while I was there! Welcome to the Wiki! --wolfman

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