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Since the author Agd seems to have lost interest in Robocode again after a brief flurry of activity, I thought I would put some details here!

Narrowly missed out on qualifying for the 2002 IBM Rumble final 8 in the advanced category. 10th IIRC.

I know a little about how this bot works:

Movement - divides the arena into a number of sectors (25?) and determines which sector it wants to be in via some form of minimum risk approach. Sets long-term waypoint to the centre of the sector chosen, and does some Other Stuff (TM) on the way, no idea exactly what. Repeat process periodically.

Firing - the first bot I personally was aware of which used virtual bullets to provide faster analysis for selection amongst an array of multiple gun types (8 I think), although there were a few hints floating around that this was probably not an entirely new idea at the time.

-- Shrubbery

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