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The Library used in MiniNeural. I wrote it to understand NeuralNetwork algorithm. You can use it as you want but if you modify it please post something here or write me an e-mail at synnalagma@hotmail.com .

Actual feature :

 - codesize 603
 - momentum
 - bias training
 - any structure that can be described by an int array

the library can be found in the MiniNeural package here http://robocoderepository.com/BotDetail.jsp?id=1754

New version 1.2 can be found here : http://www.geocities.com/synnalagma/neuralib.html

New features :

 -  codesize 591
 - contain comments to reduce codesize until 500 (by removing feature like momentum, bias or just changing some code)
 - contain new IO functions much smaller, thanks to Kawigi (I don't use them so...)
 - contain float version (shrink file size) same codesize
 - contain XOR exemple with file IO

I'm quite sure Albert will make a killer with this. --Synnalagma

Please post comment, feature request, bug, and so on

Je, je. Nice to know that now I can build a NeuralMiniAspid?. -- Albert

Your ScruchiPu bot is just the one I'm trying to beat since I started with NeuralNetwork and still nothing --Synnalagma

With the I/O functions in the NeuralNetwork class, what would be wrong with just serializing the NeuralNetwork object? -- Kawigi

Nothing but in this case you must do an init methods in the NeuronLayer? class, you're right I'ill do it this way, thanks for the comment --Synnalagma

If there was a lot of other stuff you have to do, you can also just write in writeObject and readObject methods into those classes (instead of your save and load methods) and they would get called instead of automatically serializing the objects. Of course, I always think of that as being a sort of megabot thing (FloodHT does it, for instance, FloodMini doesn't). -- Kawigi

You can shrink a little more the codesize by removing some attribute's property (private, protected) and also by using clone() method (see comments in NeuronLayer?.java), I don't like doing this so I didn't. --Synnalagma

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