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The Chinese Olympic Team


If there are any Chinese out there then post here. ;]

I thought you had a full host of them at robochina.org. =) But of course I can't understand a thing about what is written there. I only remember recognising the latin spellt Marshmallow once. =) -- PEZ

Well, he has Wilson Zhu, Zendragon, Luiyang and probably 10 others to work with over there... -- Kawigi

Well,they are not active this moment,and they are not active here too,i will tell them goto here to learn more robocode skill,they can get much riches here if they want. -- iiley

Luiyang is still pretty darned competitive in the RLL's nano division, TimDog? wins best overall nano all the time. Of course, good nano skills won't necessarily win it in the Olympics... -- Kawigi

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