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Put your team's olympic colors here --David Alves
Team Colors setColors() call Image
USA Red, white and blue setColors(Color.red, null, null);

Personally I think GB did better USA colors than that. =) -- PEZ

Only costs 9 bytes though, nice for the nano and micro divisions. :-) --David Alves

If we were to make a USA east coast division, would it need to have different colors from your USA team? -- Scoob

Personally I wouldn't care if you used the same colors, but why would you make a separate division? I'd rather we all stick together unless there's a good reason. --David Alves

Can we use a different (better) red/white/blue if code size is not the concern? I think setColors(Color.red,Color.blue,Color.white) looks better. -- Scoob

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