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This event uses all of Robocode's default settings unless otherwise noted.

The number of competitors per match shall be 10 (at maximum, provided there are at least ten entrants).

The dimensions of the battlefield shall be 1000x1000.

This event proposal is unfinished, as it remains to be decided whether the competition will take the form of a tournament, a round-robin, or some other form, and how many rounds there will be for each match.


Most likely, there will not be more than 10 entrants to this event. In that event, I propose that a number of matches equal to the number of entrants of 500 rounds each be run, each time with one entrant not participating, and then a final match with all entrants. If there are more than 10 entrants, I propose a RoundRobin? where each entrant participates in an equal number of matches and faces each opponent at least once. -- nano

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Last edited February 1, 2004 12:21 EST by Nano (diff)