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This event uses all of Robocode's default settings and two competitors, where the winner of a given match is decided by the highest score.

This event proposal is unfinished, as it remains to be decided whether the competition will take the form of a tournament, a round-robin, or some other form, and how many rounds there will be for each match.


I propose that this event utilize a RoundRobin? format, where each robot faces each other robot exactly once, for 500 rounds. -- nano

I think round-robin in groups with the top going into a knock-out single elimination tournament (ala World Cup) would be more fun. -- Kuuran

I agree with Kuuran, much more fun. It fits with the idea of trying to make a spread out event of it all, rather than just running the battles and posting the results, and everyone saying "Oh, look, so-and-so's won. Well done." and then forgetting about it. -- Tango

Agreed. Alright, I can handle slightly less accurate results in exchange for more fun. :) -- nano

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