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Standard team rules. 5 bots per team in a 1200x1200 fields. 10 rounds. League format (like PL).

I suggestthat there must be bot coded from two different coder. I think this could show team cooperation (I mean inside country). Why having country team if all competitions are just individual. I also suggest having some class like only shooter and only scanner. --Synnalagma

Then may be we coud have an additional pure teams competition (ie. one leader, 4 droids). -- Albert

OK, the main idea was just to have a competition programmed by a team. --Synnalagma

Yes, the main idea is to have a team of coders, this page is about the subidea of having an event with a team of robots. Bit confusing, having the same word for both things, but unavoidable, really. -- Tango

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