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There are a few UK flags around, so anyone going to sign up? (<cough>Paul</cough> ;-)) -- Tango

That would be nice ..... I could contribute a little, but im very busy. Not even had enough time to work on Quantum recently. :( --wolfman

I am busy with a contract at the moment (and I need to enhance DT's adaptive movement, add an anti mirror gun and an anti adaptive movement gun) however - in the event of a UK team entry with a bot open source to UK team members I would be pleased to input/discuss ideas (I may even release some secrets to UK members). -- Paul

I always thought you were from denmark, paul --deathcon

IIRC denmark's flag is offset to the left a bit. -- Tango

Ok so we should get together and chat sometime! Ive just added you to my contact list Tango, but Paul you dont have any instant messaging contact information. Do you use them at all? I just think it would be easier to discuss this in real time. --wolfman

IIRC? I don't think I have seen any Danish flag in the rankings. If you're referring to the English flag it's not offset to the left. It's the Italian, Czech and Irish flags that come from a different gif collection and are a bit too wide. -- PEZ

I think Tango was pointing out the subtle difference that confused deathcon. -- Kawigi

Subtle? What's subtle about white-on-red vs red-on-white? -- PEZ

The colours are reversed as well are they? Just shows how bad my memory is... -- Tango

Well, you also say that as Scandinavian - for us further away, it's quite easy to get colors confused, and also quite easy to assume a flag with a simple cross shape on it is from Scandinavia. Of course, I know my Mexican and Canadian flags well enough (we American's don't have enough nearby countries to be good at geography. I don't know what deathcon's and Tango's excuse is, though). -- Kawigi

Funny! I still don't think it's all that subtle though. =) But you are right, we have quite a few neighbouring countries around here. -- PEZ

Yeah, I'll help out. When it is severely affects how much i can help though, I've got exams coming up in the next couple of weeks and i really have to do some work for them. However if someone sorts something out i'll be more than happy to chip in with some ideas. --Brainfade

It isn't subtle at all. I forgot the Danish flag was white-on-red and thought the only difference was the cross being offset slightly, which would have been subtle. And yes, each of the Countries of the United Kingdom play on their own in football, so use the different flags. (<trivia>The United Kingdom flag is called the Union Flag, not the Union Jack as many people thing. It is only called the Union Jack when flown at the "Jack" of a ship (I think that's the other end than the bow, but i'm not sure)</trivia>) -- Tango

When participating in the Olympics, all the countries in the UK are grouped as Great Britain, and use the Union Jack/Flag?. So I guess that we shall follow the same rules? (Eg The UK team is made up of English, Welsh, Scotish & N Irish). --wolfman

I would agree. -- Tango

Even in the football game? As I said I can't recall seeing the Union Flag used in fotball. Actually I think Britain has never participated with a football team in the Olympics. -- PEZ

Because we have an English FA, a Scottish FA etc, we are not allowed to participate in the football in the Olymipics as Great Britian. Dont ask me why. So we play football as seperate countries. --wolfman

I've never really understood that either... -- Tango

We could follow the Olympic rules and state that since you have bots fighting in the regular leagues for England you are not allowed to participate in this Olympic event as Great Britain. =) -- PEZ

Haha, that'd just leave me and Paul on the english team. That'd mean that he could win it all and i could lie and pretend i had any part in it at all... :) --Brainfade

Hey! I'm English. I just fight under the Union Flag because I felt like it at the time. -- Tango

Woahhhhhhhhh, calm it boys i was just joking. Count me in for the British team. Anyone drawn up any plans/got any ideas yet?? --Brainfade

So are we going to get together and start doing this then? --wolfman

Gimme till wednesday and i'll have finished my exams, and will have time to spare. In the mean time I can be contacted at pjh102_AT_soton.ac.uk --Brainfade

OMG BRAINFADE! :o I graduated from Soton a couple of years ago! Tell me, are you from the ECS department? If so did you start Robocode like I did because of the links in the department to IBM? I won 50 from IBM in a competition involving robocode .... ;)


Yeah, i'm from ECS. I'm guessing you won the prize in the big department wide competition?? that was the year before i started. I got into robocode when as an aside in a first year java course, we had a robocode competition (and i did really really badly). I always test my bots against Nicator before i release (just to make sure i was the highest soton entrant), looks like im gonna have to start testign against Warlord as well... :)--Brainfade

Hehe I didnt actualy win, first prize was 70. Yeah I was friends with Alisdair who wrote Nicator, but I got the 50 using Viper 1.0. My latest bot Quantum is lightyears ahead of Warlord & Viper in terms of targeting, but I really really need to work on movement for it, then it might break into the top 20 in the RR@H. Or so I hope .... --Wolfman

My Robocode skills are probably going rusty, but count me in, particularly if there's a requirement for a melee nanobot. --Rod Hyde

im not really very good, only bin doing robocode for a few months on and off, but i would love to help and it would be a great learning experience. --[michael worth]?

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