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Thanks a ton for this website, PEZ! I think the state of the art in Robocode programming has accelerated considerably since you started this site. There were only a few at the top when you started it, I'll bet, and look at where those old top few bots are now - passed up by all us upstarts that learned and developed all our ideas through this site.

Ideas I admit originally came from you (even if I've mangled them somewhat):

Thanks! I can certainly agree that starting this wiki was a really good idea, possibly my very best. I have benefited from it at least as much as anybody else. -- PEZ

I would argue that I have benefitted even more. I was in the basement of the rumble when I found the wiki. It is a living breathing FAQ about all things robocoding. It can open many doors and windows into diverse topics and their application to robocoding. Look at the explosion of Virtual Gun bots, Statistical targeting bots, Neural net bots, flattened movement, advanced PatterMathcers?. A lot of that has been fostered here on these pages. I have said it before and I will say it again, tank you very much for this site. -- jim

I dont know about your ideas PEZ, but the Wikki ROXX! I didn't think much of it at first, but in this case its cool to be wrong. And maybe I'm wrong about his other ideas too?? :P --Jimpa

First of all the wiki! Having been lurking at the wiki for some time now and taken so many notes, inspired me to so many things but most of all kept me interested enough to slowly learn and experiment! There is nothing that beats trying yourself and this wiki sure helps you get ideas to do things without handing you the exact solution. For short it's great. Secondly, Pez you seem very helpful (along with quite a few others) and your positive attitude and enthusiasm really is inspiring. Third. Virtual guns was my very first thought when I saw robocode for the first time (well ok right after "Cool!"), but to this day I'm still trying to find a way that works really well, but you sure inspired me to keep trying. Fourth: You never seem to get tired of this stuff that's inspiring in itself :) Fifth: This #%&^/* wiki and all the great facts here etc here has kept me from actually do coding for so many hours, either by direct reading or just experimenting! Now I force myself to code and not read the wiki, that todo list is so long! -- Pulsar

Just to let you know. I've not been doing VirtualGuns for over a year. I think the idea might work as such. But since noone seems to be able to get it to work its magic I'm having enough doubts about it to keep me from going that path again. =) Thanks for those words Pulsar. The wiki sure has lured the sharing side out of many Robocoders! -- PEZ

I'm doing a variation on virtual guns now, I have a set of them with different segmentations of varying complexity and use the one with the highest relative factor. Seems to me it automatically starts with the ones with lower complexity (fewer segmentations) and then moves upwards to more complex ones. Though I coudl certainly need more solid investigation here, but the trend is clear. This is sort of cheating dynamic segmentation which I have yet to experiment with. Just trying it out as it was rather easy with java. Well in addition to this I have a direct aim targeting in the gun array, but that only reports a "high score" (meaning it thinks it think it has a good chance of hitting) when the target is disabled, that last part hardly makes it count as virtual guns though I guess :) -- Pulsar

"A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step" Here goes. Chuculain

It was only a couple of months ago that I was pleased to win 5 rounds out of 35 vs CassiusClay ;) I don't think I would've maintained my interest in Robocode if I hadn't found this excellent repository of knowledge that you started here; and I don't think I'd have nearly as good a tank right now if I hadn't had the chance to study the source code of CassiusClay for general (or not so general) guidance. The next version of Dookious is pluggable like CassiusClay, too... I think it's a very clean, modular way to organize a bot, and also a great gift to make it so easy for others to use your code.

On to more current affairs... I owe you a beer, dude! Or maybe a 12-pack! Two major bugs in my WaveSurfing later, I finally got a score of 99.4% against BitchingElk?. Sweet! =) -- Voidious

Told ya! Once you get the basic WaveSurfing mechanics bug free you'll be able to really start experimenting with segmentations and stuff. -- PEZ

I commented once already, but with the Dookious rewrite, PEZ deserves another shout out for his WhyCommentsAreBad perspective. I have been completely converted by this idea and I have really enjoyed rewriting Dookious in this style. Thanks for showing me the light, PEZ. =) -- Voidious

PEZ, totally awesome, I was looking for this page, because if it wasn't for this wiki, I never would of gotten into robocode at the depth I have. So thankyou. -- Chase-san

Dudes, I want to tell you, that reading this page is an awesome experience if you are me. Thanks! -- PEZ

Ooh, I hadn't noticed this page until now. Well, I have to say, thanks a bunch for founding the wiki PEZ! I don't think Robocoding would have been even close to half as much fun without this great knowledge-sharing and communication resource! Not only has the place here given me something fun to do, but has also given me motivation to exercise my mind with regards to topics like statistics and such fun things. Thanks a bunch PEZ! -- Rednaxela

Hello PEZ. I have to thank you for founding this wiki. I'm a new Robocoder, but I'm currently coding a bot using some of the techniques on this site. I was inspired to start robocoding by a small note on your Halo 2 HaloWiki? profile page, where you said you're also intruiged by robocode. That made me just rush to google and download the client. Thank you so much, PEZ. -- Maximz2005?

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