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The idea with this was to store patterns of every length and granularity in a HashMap?, along with guess factors for each one. For instance, if I pattern-matched on lateral velocity over 8 values, I could have patterns like this:


Et cetera, each with their own stat boxes. I could then choose longer or shorter, lower or higher granularity patterns dependent on their projected margin of error. I tried to implement this gun perhaps 3 or 4 different times, to very little success. I believe the problem is of the TooManyCooks? variety, which anyone who has worked with highly-segmented stat guns will tell you is a big problem.

-- nano

Did you try to adjust the length based on the gun cooling length and bullet time. Just as an idea. [SSO]

I have been trying to make this kind of gun for months and months now. My problem is that I always get stuck in the implementation. =) -- PEZ

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