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Pear entry in the RRGunChallenge.

version 0.58


version 0.60.3


version 0.61d

Added a Cigaret PM Gun. score:1862.x

version 0.61b3


version 0.61b4

wall and reverse wall segments. score:1864.74

version 0.61b5

removed reverse wall segments. score:1864.86

version 0.61b6

Reverse wall and wall segments, not like 0.61b4's all in a same segments. score:1869.94

version 0.61b7

4 velocity segs, 4 wall 4 reverse wall, 5 distance, 7 movetime(2 acc include), 5 bearing. GF 47. score:1862.47

Where can I get it?


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