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(I have the info for previous versions and i'll put it here when I feel like it)

Version 1.7e:

   I changed the wallsmoothing technique to the more efficient version i used in Engineer. I'm also experimenting with 
   different rolling depths and weightings in the surfing.

Version 1.7d2:

   I think i've worked all of the bugs out of the new gun that i tried in version DS1.0, so i'm giving it another shot.
   I have no idea what will happen, but it'll probably plummet in ranking :)

Version 1.7c5:

   More gun segmentation tuning and I changed the threshold for waves to break.
   General Ranking: ?
   PL Ranking: ?

Version 1.7c4:

   The bug in the last one was pretty hard to track down. I think its fixed now. 
   General Ranking: 11 : 2036
   PL Ranking: 9 : 409/0/8

Version 1.7c3:

   Some gun tuning. EDIT: I may have just found an important bug...
   Yep, there's definitely an off-by-one error in the segmentation.
   General Ranking: Withdrawn
   PL Ranking: ?

Version 1.7c2:

   I'm trying out a new gun segmentation dimension. 
   General Ranking: 9 : 2039 points
   PL Ranking: 11 : 406/0/11

Version 1.7c1:

   Some distancing experiments. There's definitely a possibility that this one could be a disaster. It gets much
 better MC2K6 scores than previous versions because it generally stays farther away. But that really tells me nothing
 in terms of rumble performance.
   General Ranking: 13 : 2025.49 points
   PL Ranking: 13 : 403/0/14

Version 1.7c:

    Major surfing overhaul. I converted the wavesurfing to use relative GFs and also did some segmentation changes.
 It may need some more tuning.
   General Ranking: 13 : 2019.75 points
   PL Ranking: 14 : 401/0/17

Version 1.7b:

    Some surfing changes.
   General Ranking: 14 : 2018 points
   PL Ranking: 12 : 404/0/15

Version 1.7a:

    A bugfix in the gun as well as some minor restructuring.
   General Ranking: 13 : 2008 points
   PL Ranking: 15 : 402/0/19

Version 1.7:

   Complete resegmentation of the GF gun. It is improved significantly against non-surfers, but is weaker against 
 surfers than the previous versions. 
   General Ranking: 13 : 2011 points
   PL Ranking: 15 : 403/0/18

Version 1.6a:

   I converted the gun to use relative GuessFactors rather than absolute GFs. PH scores a few percent better against
 some of the TC2K6 bots this way. I think the segmentation needs some tuning now, but I wanted to establish a baseline
 with this release.
   General Ranking: 1989 points(yuck)
   PL Ranking: I forget

Version 1.6:

   I finally got around to adding consideration for all waves when surfing. It used to only use the closest.
   General Ranking: 13 : 2000.86 points
   PL Ranking: 12 : 409/0/15


1/1/06: PowerHouse has beaten SandboxDT 3.02!
1st: wcsv.PowerHouse.PowerHouse 1.2c	7605	2600	520	3966	518	0	0	52	48
2nd: pe.SandboxDT 3.02			7432	2400	480	4080	472	0	0	48	52

1/1/06: PowerHouse broke into the top 25 in the RR!

As of 1/2/2006: Ranked 25 in the RR with 1910.28 points

1/10/06: PowerHouse has reached the 20th position in the RR with 1960.4 points.

As of 2/3/06 PowerHouse 1.4d was ranked 19th with ~1968 points.

2/4/06: v. 1.4e reached 18th with 1977.33 points. EDIT: I think I made a mistake here. Maybe I meant to type 1972?

2/7/06: v. 1.5 has reached 15th with over 1981 points.

2/10/06: . 1.5c reached 14th with over 1984 points.

2/21/06: 1.5f1 reached 12th with 2000.08 points

3/9/06: 1.5f8 reached 12th with 2002.88 points

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