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There's a strange bug in my UseModWiki regarding user names. I don't know if it is in my configuration or in UseModWiki itself. If you don't enter a username in [Preferences] (you can use any legal [WikiName] like [[Foo]]) the site chooses the last user it knows about. This is often me. Please make sure you have a username entered in [Preferences] until I have found a fix for this (which might not be all that soon, I have a robot to attend to). -- PEZ

(copied from the ReadMe section; I felt that it'd be useful to put this warning here on the Bulletin Board --Dummy)
Yes, though from one of my computers I can't change the username, I get an error message about user ID 111... But I do try to remember to sign all my edits. -- PEZ
I get that error message when I use Opera...I'm pretty sure cookies are enabled on my browser, but I can only change preferences using IE. --Dummy
On my computer at work it doesn't matter what browser I use. -- PEZ

Maybe I can find and fix the bug. I don't know much about Perl, but I can somehow read many programming/scripting languages I have never heard of. Writing is harder, but this seems like a very small thing; lets hope I can. :) -- Jonathan

I just tried it with UseMod? 1.0 on my PB; it reported hostnames and IP adresses, not my name (which I used to test the Wiki, only accessible on this LAN, never used). Which version of UseMod? is this? Maybe you can find the fix in a diff patch to UseMod? 1.0. -- Jonathan

The change of Cookie name i did in the UseModWiki config didn't fix the cookie problem... -- PEZ

I think (at least part of) the problem is fixed, PEZ. I can edit the preferences in Opera now! :-) --Dummy

Thanks for letting me know. It didn't work on my machine. But a Windows Update did. -- PEZ

I'm considering switching to a more featureful Wiki clone called TWiki, http://twiki.org, but it seems very complicated and might require more of my time than I can spend.

Even if I get past the learning curve of managing a TWiki there will be a substantial amont of work moving content from this wiki to the new. I do think that TWiki's better support for tables and user management and plug-in architecture could benefit the knowledge management ambitions of Robowiki. Would anyone be interested in helping me move content and/or learn enough about TWiki management to help with setting the new version up? If so, please send me an e-mail at pez@pezius.com. -- PEZ

Of course that's nice, but... the power of UseModWiki is its simplicity. Everything just works and is very clean, both for users and admins. This is more important than you might think. -- Jonathan

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